Our Story

Welcome to the Polar Egg website!  We are grateful that you have come to find out more about our company, the eggs that we sell, the people who make that happen and the processes we use to make sure that you are getting the best quality eggs possible.

We are really excited about eggs, but not just eggs.  We are excited about locally produced goods.  Most of the food that we consume travels a long way to reach us.  If we can produce some of that food in the North, it creates jobs and opportunities for local people to make a living and provide goods and services that are fresh.  Two years ago, the owner of Hay River Poultry Farms sat down to talk about what agriculture in the Northwest Territories could look like.  We talked about grading eggs in Hay River and sending them all over the Northwest Territories.  It wasn't a crazy idea, but we knew it would take a lot of work.

At one time, locally produced eggs were sold throughout what was then the Northwest Territories and Yukon.  After a change in ownership, they shut down the grading station, stopped selling them to local stores and for over a decade all of the eggs made in the NWT were shipped to British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba.

Thankfully, things have changed.  A new commitment from ownership, local producers and the Territorial government has enabled us to once again provide an excellent nutritious source of protein from right here at home.

The eggs you purchase will be locally produced, transferred to a Canadian Federal Inspection Agency (CFIA) accredited grading station, packaged and transported from our location in Hay River. With state of the art equipment and practices, we guarantee the quality, freshness and service that you would come to expect from a Canadian Grade A Egg.  You can find out more about this here on our website under "journey".

The Team

We want to make sure that Polar Egg is supporting the local community. All team members are residents of Hay River, including 5 that are high school graduates of the Northwest Territories. It is important to keep our communities vibrant and alive. By involving our local citizens, we give them an opportunity to be a proud part of bringing eggs back to the North. Each member of the team is an important part of making this happen. We felt it was important for you to know who they are, and how they are doing their part to see local production flourish once again.


Kevin Wallington   Marketing & Sales

Kevin Wallington
Marketing & Sales

Caitlind Oteiza   Grading Station Manager

Caitlind Oteiza
Grading Station Manager

 Travis Dobbs                                         Shipping & Receving Director

 Travis Dobbs                                    

Shipping & Receving Director

   Susan McCowan                                    Quality Assurance 

  Susan McCowan                                 

Quality Assurance 

   Joel Skolny                        Deliveries & Quality  Assurance

  Joel Skolny                    

 Deliveries & Quality Assurance

The Customer                                         Without you, there would be no Polar Egg!

The Customer                                      

Without you, there would be no Polar Egg!